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College Exam Prep

A Proven Approach Toward SAT/ACT and PSAT Prep

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Excelling at College Exam Prep

We begin the college exam prep process by studying the results of the practice test or a previously taken exam. Our practice exam gives us the best information since we can see the specific questions that were missed. Afterward, support work for each area that needs improvement is assigned. Some of it’s pretty dreadful, however, other parts can be rather fun.

When given sufficient time, we like to use our knowledge of cognitive functioning to implement the best learning techniques for your student. In doing so, we focus on one skill at a time in order to develop that skill as much as we possibly can.

In addition, we hone in on particular types of problems in each section of the exam. Therefore, we don’t skip around and just do a bunch of practice questions. That is our final stage of prep.

Why it Works

We create a plan of attack that is specific for each student. This is why we don’t do classes. It’s fine for teaching strategies and test taking tips, but not for making any big jumps in scoring. Your child will come home with assignments in the form of worksheets, practice on particular websites, flashcards, and a spiral notebook.

Score release days are always exciting around here. Expect to see smiles when they’ve worked through our program!

Above all, whether your student is shooting for National Merit Scholar through the PSAT, a perfect ACT/SAT score, or needing to pass STAAR exams, we customize preparation for your student.

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College Entrance Exam Prep

PSAT, SAT, ACT. This is for private tutoring and includes all study materials with the exception of one single hour of test prep. We do not offer group sessions. For single session students, I am happy to provide any necessary books and materials for your student. All books/materials will be billed for at the current retail price.
1 Hour Session
5 One hour sessions
10 One Hour Sessions
15 One Hour Sessions
  • Most Common
20 One Hour Sessions
  • Recommended for students with any learning challenges such as dyslexia, dyscalculia, etc.
Practice Exams
$100 - 120 /exam
  • Current Exam Prep Students receive the $100 rate.
  • Practice tests are designed to help you become familiar with the test structure, topics, and time limits. It gives you the chance to discover weak areas and enable you to prepare efficiently. It is also used for mental conditioning to prepare for the hours of testing required.
  • Your exam is scored, analyzed and recommendations are made to help you prepare and increase your scoring potential.

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