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A Comprehensive Approach Toward Dyslexia

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The DC Tutoring Difference

Dyslexia affects more than just the ability to read and comprehend. More often than not, dyscalculia and attention deficit problems exist simultaneously. Sounds overwhelming, right? Parents dealing with all of this feel frustrated and simply tired of fighting to get their child to do their schoolwork and behave in school.

Learning with dyslexia often ends up being a disheartening, seemingly futile experience. When I began teaching, I witnessed the frustrations and hopelessness experienced by these kids. It lit a fire in me to find out more about this neurological difference and if it was possible to find a more effective way than what is currently being used in special education programs across the country.

The scientist in me stays busy piecing together the data in order to create new approaches that have enabled kids to experience success in the classroom and develop more confidence as a learner.

Our Approach

We teach the students and parents about the importance of embracing the dyslexia and how their brain will develop in a much more complex way resulting in a more diversified, problem-solving capacity. They can actually have big advantages over their typical brain-developing counterparts.

Having a better understanding of what is actually occurring in the child’s brain is a critical beginning in our process. Kids are naturally curious about their body and once they begin learning about how their brain works differently, they are more willing to making some changes in the way they approach schoolwork and how they perceive themselves. Knowing they aren’t “dumb” or “lazy” is a big relief.

The process is not easy. It takes some time, patience and the bravery to make some changes. We happily work with school counselors, teachers, coaches and can attend your child’s 504 meetings. You don’t have to do it alone.

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Learning Differences Pricing

Students dealing with learning challenges such as Dyslexia, Dyscalculia, Dysgraphia, ADD/ADHD, or have been diagnosed with an Anxiety Disorder or PTSD require much more expertise. For every hour spent with a tutor, there is at least one hour that goes into preparing for the student.

Junior High
$90 - $130 /hour
High School
$100 - $140 /hour

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